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This game is still in french. You want to help to translate it ? Please, contact us.
Newest version updated August 13th, 2015.
The Quiz game is playable in the dark and with one button. The contents is assembled by the player community: submit your questions to add to the game by contacting us.

Accessiquizz has the financial support of the FIRM 
(Fonds d'initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole)
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Controls (using one of the three following options):
- with the arrow buttons
- with the mouse and curser
- with only one of the mouse buttons, irregardless to the curser position (in 'one button' mode)

Download AccessiQuizz on PC

- AccessiQuizz proposes an accessible quiz, playable in the dark and only needs one button.
- You start the game with three lives.
- A mistake will make you lose a life.
- Multiple correct answers will regain you a life.
- You win the game by responding to enough questions without loosing all of your lives.
- You are in charge of adding to the content of the game.
- Send us your questions so we can integrate them into the game.

The quiz currently includes:
- 38 questions from Marie-Joie Bilodeau
- 2 questions from Thomas Gaudy
You too can propose questions by writing to us.

To submit your questions:
AccessiQuizz can integrate two forms of questions:

- Multiple choice questions. Four answers must be proposed: one correct and three wrong answers.
- Associations: in this case, four proposals must be linked to four responses.
- Don't forget to send us your name or pseudonym to mention your participation in the game's credits.
- Download the game to understand the examples.

We can create a completely new quiz that integrates your own questions that you need.

We are at your disposal to respond to your questions.

If you have a comment, question or found a broken link, contact us.