Audio memory
A free audiogame playable in the dark. 
Controls: arrow keys.
Goal: memory training.

Download Audio Memory

Music : Terracyan.

Picture from Stuart Miles /

Idea: an audio adaption of the classic memory game

How to play :

  • You move a cursor on a grid with the arrow keys.
  • If you leave the cursor on a square, you will hear a sound.
  • You have to make all the sounds disappear by matching those which are similar. 
  • The game starts with a small grid composed of two rows and two columns.
  • Moving the cursor from square to square plays a specific moving sound.
  • This particular sound tells you the coordinates of the square where you land.
  • You can lose or gain life points and the game ends when you lose the last one.
  • If you fail to form a sound pair by listening to an already explored square, you lose a life point.
  • Each time you reveal a pair of similar sounds, you gain an extra life.
  • There are six levels in all.

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Special thanks : to Sandrine Forest for her feedback.