Avoxture is a sound game, playable on PC.  As you progress through the game, you will discover that it will present itself in the form of a puzzle: no formal instruction will be given to help you understand the goal of the game.  In order to properly play Avoxture, you must disactivate your computer screen, except if you use NVDA, which won't create a problem with the game.

New points on this version:
The abilities and needs of the avatars are very intricate.
We currently propose a thirteenth prototype for you to download.  On preceding versions (and to my knowledge), only Marie Virac, Dare, Quentin and Christopher have finished the game.
You participation is appreciated; so if you discover that you have the spirit of a game tester and you would like to join us for this adventure, write us at: info@ludocielspourtous.org, and follow us on facebook and twitter.

If you have comments or questions, contact us.
Game design and programing: Thomas Gaudy
Testers: Marie-Joie Bilodeau, Le Dare, Yohann Poulain, Quentin Cosendey, Christopher Michaux, Marie Virac, Angélique Huguenin.
Sound testers:
A special thanks to Gordon Hempton for his immense donation of his sound collection.
Gordon Hempton (Quiet Planet LLC/) : http://soundtracker.com/
A special thanks to Fine Fantastic Xcelence for proposing preparatory sounds.
Sound contribution from Fine Fantastic Xcelence:
Victory 1000.001 (Ludociels FX 1000.026) (use under the name of sd_victoire)
Sound contributions from Freesound.org:
mikaelfernstrom : FootstepsGravel.wav
Kamyarbb : Birds flap.mp3 (use under the name of sd_envol)
gio td : ghost out of mirror.aiff (use under the name of sd_intro_fx)
B-lamerichs : collision sounds :
219688__b-lamerichs__11 (use under the name of sd_cogne_01.wav)
219689__b-lamerichs__10 (use under the name of sd_cogne_02.wav)
219690__b-lamerichs__1 (use under the name of sd_cogne_03.wav)
219698__b-lamerichs__4 (use under the name of sd_cogne_04.wav)
219699__b-lamerichs__5 (use under the name of sd_cogne_05.wav)
219702__b-lamerichs__28 (use under the name of sd_cogne_06.wav)
219705__b-lamerichs__34 (use under the name of sd_cogne_07.wav)
219710__b-lamerichs__20 (use under the name of sd_cogne_08.wav)
219712__b-lamerichs__19 (use under the name of sd_cogne_09.wav)
219713__b-lamerichs__25 (use under the name of sd_cogne_10.wav)
219716__b-lamerichs__22 (use under the name of sd_cogne_11.wav)
219718__b-lamerichs__26 (use under the name of sd_cogne_12.wav)
219718__b-lamerichs__26 (use under the name of sd_cogne_13.wav)
B-lamerichs : 193072__b-lamerichs__eventsounds1-b (use under the name of next_level_tuto.wav)   
B-lamerichs : 193152__b-lamerichs__eventsounds3-c (use under the name of sd_press_esc)
B-lamerichs : 263691__b-lamerichs__ableton-game-sound-effects-09-02-2015-18 (use under the name of sd_welcome)
B-lamerichs : 265391__b-lamerichs__sound-effects-01-03-2015-5-footsteps-1 (use under the name of sd_collision_bref)
B-lamerichs : 193125__b-lamerichs__eventsounds2-highbleeps-5 (use under the name of sd_press_start)
B-lamerichs : 220315__b-lamerichs__bas-21022014-game-loop-10 (use under the name of sd_first_yes)
Other types of contributions:
Zehevi (Forum Gamemaker Studio): Code to obtain players' IP (test data).
GM ScoreBoard: Theory Georgiou.