Blue Mountain

Blue mountain is a video game where there is nowhere any blue mountain.
Blue Mountain is a video game created by Ludociels for All with the collaboration of the Recreational Community Centre of Côte-des-Neiges' youth and the Neuronix Workshops' youth (Montréal).

This game is still in french (but you should manage to play it without those instructions). You want to help to translate it ? Please, contact us.

- Keep the hero alive by feeding him food
- Monitor your health bar
- Find the level's exit (it is near the top of the game)
- This exit requires a special key.  Can you find it?

- Use the arrow keys.
- Left and right will move you.
- Up will make you jump.
- Down will transform you.  Each form has its own particularities.  
- You can only transform yourself if your health bar is red.  
- Eating cherries will allow you to immediately transform back.
- The 'M' button will mute or reactivate the music.
The exit can be found in the top right. It's a spiral. 
- You must bring a magical flower in order to open the exit. 
- The path that leads you to the flower can be found just above and to the right of the start. 
- This flower needs water like your hero needs food in order to stay alive.

You have to find a magic flower in order to escape.    Your avatar can fly (as well as a sick chicken).
The avatar in the human form can climb walls.    In the wolf form, the avatar can eat obstacles.

Tatiana Lorget, Julien Göhler-Bergeron, Jean-Pierre Beltrán, Franck Kongue, Qianen Fu (who also created the game's music) and Thomas Gaudy (workshop animator/programer).
With the participation of the children in the Neuronix Workshops:
Snasni Dalil Yanis, Jasmine Tarzalt, Marc-Olivier Ovide, Handy Ovide and Michard Elisdort 
We would like to thank the following people for their timely participation over the course of the workshop:
Boubou Camara, Joshua Thyriar, David Eve Valent et Hélène Brousseau.
A special thanks to:
The Recreational Community Centre of Côte-des-Neiges: Monique Gohler, Bernard Slama, Nicolas.
Neuronix Workshops: Hans Ovide
Thanks to Shaun Spalding for his tutorials on Game Maker Studio.

In particular, we would like to thank the CDEC CDN-NDG whose aid facilitated the high-quality of the activities launched over the course of 2014.
Additionally, we would like to thank Ubisoft Montréal for their contribution pertaining to this workshop's setup.