Ecovolunteer is a website to help recruit volunteers to set up environmental activities with the SOCENV, in the neighbourhood of Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal.

To participate, check out their website:

The goal of this site is to allow you to consult available volunteering activities in the area of Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame de Grâce along with other news.  Signing-up is not necessary, everyone can participate in beautifying their neighborhood by proposing new volunteer activities directly on this site.  

The site is still under construction.  We are conscientious about some legibility and user issues that could still exist.  We are taking advantage of our team of volunteer IT students who are helping us improve the site until the end of the year.  Your comments would be useful to evolve the tool as a whole.  Please write to

In the end, we would like to propose a prize system where you can win gifts for your involvement.  This system is not yet available; we'll let you know when it is.

How do you add a mission on this site?

Go to the SOCENV's Ecovolunteer website:

Under the heading "MISSION", click on the button "ajouter une mission" (add a mission).

Then fill out all of the text boxes:

Pseudonym: Choose your own pseudonym.

Mission Name: Write a short description.

Date: Put the time, month and day, in that order.

Duration: Approximately how long will this mission last?

Place: Write the address of the mission.

Number of Volunteers: Don't leave it at 0.

Type: This is to classify the missions.  Choose a way to define its type.

Description: Write a short text.  The window can be enlarged with the bottom right corner.

Reward: leave on 0.

Click on the "Validate" button.

Return to the top of the page to verify that there wasn't an error message.

It's done! Close the window, the changes aren't automatic yet.

Thank you for your help and your participation.

If you have a comment, a question or found a broken link, contact us.

Écovolunteer is partnered with JPAQ/Ludociels for all, the SOCENV and ITESCIA (from which three students created the first version of the site: Aurélien FAUREL, Léo-Paul JULIE and Samir ZEKRI). 

Three others will continue the project next year: Bastien Dannepond, Pierre Stepaniak, and Alexandre Mulot.