screenshot of Avoxture screenshot of avoxture
«Imagine waking up feeling dizzy. You don't know where you are, or what is happening to you. Then you focus on the surrounding noises. You notice some birds around you. You feel as if your salvation depends upon them. Especially this owl which seems to be calling you. Could it be the Acalopultoz owl, the messenger bird from the low-lying limbos, whose sacred writings bring back to existence?
Well, then the situation is serious. If you are really in the low-lying limbos, you must have had an accident, and your spirit must presently be separated from your body. 
Where do the writings bring back from? The low-lying limbos… A terrifying and hostile desert where spirits disintegrate before sinking into oblivion. The messenger birds enable the spirits to buy some time in this hostile environment and fight off psychic exhaustion, which ultimately leads to oblivion. And this particular owl is supposed to know the way out and be your ticket to freedom. You must act fast however.
You have to hit the road and be on the lookout for the surrounding birds in this frozen desert.»
AVOXTURE is a ten level exploration sound game playable on PC (Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10): Available on itch.io.

Screenshot of Avoxture screenshot of Avoxture
screenshot of Avoxture screenshot of Avoxture
You control a spirit in the low-lying limbos with the arrow keys on your keyboard or the control pad of your joystick.  You move your character like you would move a cursor on a grid, which essentially means that each of the four arrow keys correspond to a moving direction. The bottom arrow key does not make your character return but advance towards the south.
The messenger birds are there to help you in your journey. The owl allows you to move from one level to the next one until you beat the game. The other birds allow you to fight off psychic exhaustion by expanding your listening ability with regard to the environment. The more birds you encounter, the more your character will be able to hear the barriers that stand around his way. Each bird allows you to hear barriers in a new direction to the point of expanding these listening abilities all around the character.

screenshot of Avoxture screenshot of Avoxture
AVOXTURE offers an automatic saving system. Exit with the escape key and when you return to the game, you will find yourself where you left off. Your character's psychic exhaustion is expressed through mood music. The exhaustion makes you lose one of the directions of your listening abilities when it comes to an end. You will need to find another bird in order to recover this ability. If your character is exhausted without anymore listening ability as a spare, you will have lost and the game will restart from the first level. It is normal to lose frequently at first. The layout of AVOXTURE's environments change throughout different parts of the game, however the levels have at least one pathway linking your character to the owl. It's up to you master your character's listening abilities so you can get him to escape these dead ends.

«The low-lying limbos are thus, always shifting in order to better snatch its lost explorers.»

AVOXTURE has the financial support of the FIRM 
(Fonds d'initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole)
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