The search for prisonners

A video game for one or two players.
Controls: first player: spacebar. Second player: mouse button.

Principle: this game was created through a partnership with the Pablo Picasso secondary school of Montfermeil, under the guidance of Fondation 93. The graphics, sounds and concepts were provided by students. This game was shown at the musée des arts et métiers, Paris (Exposition PACNAM, 2008). 
logo fondation 93  image du jeu
How to play: 
  • Deliver all the students from their cage by firing keys at them.
  • When you press your key, your avatar (who is constantly moving) makes a U-turn.
  • When releasing the key you are pressing, a key is fired.
  • The students run to the liberator's side
  • Bring back students to your side by firing keys at them or at the opponent.
  • Time is limited.
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