Magic Audio Pearl free audiogame, playable in the dark, for one or two players.
Controls : arrow keys

Principle: Two melodies have to be matched to win the game.

How to play:
  • The game presents two "audio necklaces", each pearl necklace correspond to a note. 
  • The pearls of the first necklace are louder than the pearls of the second necklace. 
  • Move each pearl until the order of the pearls in each necklace match each other. 
  • The game has 15 levels.
  • Controls for the first player: arrow keys
  • Use right and left arrows to move a cursor on the high pitched necklace.
  • Up arrow to grab a pearl.
  • Down arrow to exhange this pearl's position with another one under the cursor.
  • Controls for the second player: S, F, E and D keys.

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Special thanks:
To Terracyan for his help on sound design and composition.
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