Mistake Hunter

A collaborative game for one to four players.
An educational game "playable in the dark" and with simplified commands, for one to four players, available on Android tablets.
This game is in french.

Description: This game exercises and improves spelling and grammatical capacity, playable by those with limited mobility, in the dark, and is for one to four players (in collaboration).  This game can be expanded for other course content.  This first version reviews a large number of French words' gender.  For example, is 'épnistrucale' masculine or feminine? Ah ha!  We got you! 'Épnistrucale' doesn't exist!

Concept: This version of the game presents an audio clip of the word.  Players must press a button once to respond 'masculine' or twice for 'feminine'.  They will loose points when they make a mistake and will win points back after correctly responding to a series of words.  Players must help each other in order to win the game.

- Propose a user-friendly interface.
- Decreased number of commands (one unique button per player).
- Presentation of simple situations with a choice between two answers.
- Quick setup pace of the interface.
- Used in order to learn for all levels of knowledge.
- A game for one to four players as a collaborative team.

If you have any comments, questions or found a broken field, contact us.
Is the french word Chameau a masculine or a feminine noun.    Is the french word Pénates a masculine or a feminine noun?

Acknowledgements: A first prototype of the game was created with the help of a team of students from Itescia in 2011, created by Zakaria Habibi and Yacine Chaouchi.