Monstrous keyboard free audiogame, playable in the dark (only in French)
Aim: learning where letters are on the keyboard.

This game is still in french. You want to help to translate it ? Please, contact us.

Idea: You are a mad scientist, inventor of a teleporting machine. Monsters hear about your creation and come to see if you could help them to develop tourism far away. Be careful, use the machine properly with the different types of monsters, an error could have bad consequences on the teleportation, and the monster's mood.

How to play :
  • Press the keyboard key corresponding to the first letter of the monster's name.
  • The game has different levels, the first few levels introduce the most commmonly used letters.
Improvement possibilities:
For that moment, it's all in French, sorry. 
If you are interested to participate in translation or recording session, please, contact us.

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