Perles Audio Pearls

Perles Audio Pearls is playable in the dark.
A musical game for one or two players (in collaboration) - Audio game

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Perles Audio Pearls has the financial support of the FIRM 
(Fonds d'initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole)
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Description: since the encounters of the third type in 1977, we know that extra-terrestrials communicate via melodies.  There is, coincidentally, a little green man, quite comfortably installed in a flying saucer, who seeks to talk to a little pink female.  Alas, the sound waves between our two UFOs are completely mixed up.  Manipulate the notes in front of the aliens so that the two tunes are the same.

This game uses your listening and concentration capacities.  There are 16 levels, each of which presents a longer melody.  The notes in the tunes are reshuffled in each level to elongate the game.

The game can be played in the dark and can be manipulated by people with visual impairments: visually impaired or complete blindness.  In a two player game, each person manipulates their own notes and tries to correspond their melody with their partner's.

Through the purchase of this game, you support the actions of the non-profit organization "Ludociels for All" who strives to create educational video games for people in situations of social exclusion, such as the handicapped or school dropouts.  

If this game takes off well enough, we would be able to adapt it to create a game to help teach historical dates for seeing, visually impaired or blind children.  The left notes would correspond to dates, and the right ones to events.  For any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to write to

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Screenshot. The game starts with with only two sounds.    
Three sounds.    
Screenshot. Four sounds.
Screenshot. Six sounds.    
Screenshot. Six sounds. The two melodies match. Congratulations, next level.    
Screenshot. Seven sounds. The game became harder.