plan du métro de Montréal.
An audiogame for one player, playable in the dark. 
Controls: arrow keys.

Aim: To learn Montreal's Public Transit System.
This game is still in french (but you should manage to play it without those instructions). You want to help to translate it ? Please, contact us.

Idea: Virtuabus is a public transit simulator for people with visual impairments. This game tries to help them prepare a trip, by presenting the configuration of each station in a interactive way .

How to play:
  • The metro moves by itself, one station after another.
  • Press the right arrow to move faster.
  • Press the down arrow to leave the metro to take a break.
  • Some stations allow you to change direction. 
  • In that case, leave the metro then press left arrow or right arrow to chose another line. Then, press up arrow to get onto the new metro. 
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Special thanks: to David Descourcieres, Mickaël Ferré, Stéphane Ginibriere, Kévin Paskarajesudasan and Victor Ververken for the development of the first prototype.