We offer conferences that present the various links between games,teaching and accessibility

Include these meetings for the general public or a more specialised audience in your events. We can adapt our presentations and demomnstrations to a variety of different contexts: conventions, museums, universities, specialised institutions and educational facilities... 

Participate in friendly and rewarding workshops
  • Become aware of accessibility needs in the video game and digital entertainment industries.
  • Create a simple video game, starting from the very first stages (collaborative design, drawings integration, sound recordings...).
  • Groups can include from 10 to 20 participants (people of all ages, with or without disabilities, seniors...)
In the heart of a creative and collaborative process
  • Involve your visitors in developing digital experiments.
  • Integrate these works in your exhibitions.
  • Contribute to raising awareness of video game and digital learning accessibility.

Our speaker / cultural events organiser: Thomas Gaudy

Obtain an estimate. Contact us: (514) 508-5694 or at: info@ludocielspourtous.org

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