Learning by playing
  • Monstrous keyboard: knowledge of the keyboard by teleporting monsters (for children 5 years and older).

  • Virtuabus: increase independence in public transit systems by looking for treasures (adults with visual impairments).

  • Audiobraille: use audio transposition to learn braille (for all ages).
Games geared towards players with special needs
  • One button games for people with physical impairments.

  • Audio games that can be played in the dark for people with visual impairments.

  • Stimulating cognitive functions in players of all ages.
  Games for everyone at an affordable price (general public, people with disabilities, students at-risk of dropping out...)
  • Facilitate rehabilitation.

  • Promote social engagement.

  • Reduce drop-out rates.

Our developer: Thomas Gaudy

Obtain an estimate. Contact us: (514) 508-5694 or at: info@ludocielspourtous.org

Our clients:

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